Alex & Jaime

Alex & Jaime


Bobby LePire

| July 26, 2020


The titular couple in Alex & Jaime meets at Alex’s brother’s engagement party, with both lying about the reasons they are smoking on the patio. After a flirtatious conversation, the couple decides to leave and steal the neighbor’s lawn ornaments and flag. Alex and Jaime spend the night together, and begin a full-blown relationship, with all the ups and downs that entails. They fight, break up, get back together, and everything in-between.

Yes, the story of this Chadwick Hopson and Brian Flaccus penned romantic comedy is nothing new. But, these two characters are well-drawn and engaging, easily investing the viewers into their lives. However, the intentional style of the presentation speaks to the universal nature of love, crossing all boundaries and cultures.

“…told in seven acts, with different actors of any gender and race, playing the characters in each section.”

See, Alex & Jaime is told in seven acts, with different actors of any gender and race, playing the characters in each section. Co-writer Hopson plays Alex in the first act, with Eden Malyn replacing him for the second, and third act sees Tamara Perry in the role. The last few Alexes are, in order, Hope Lauren, Brian Flaccus, and Ron Butler, respectively. The Jaimes are Justene Alpert, Gentry White, Juliette Hing-Lee, Roshan Maloney, Tania Verafield, Dominic Bogart, and Shonto Begay.

This interwoven casting speaks to both the sameness and differences that love offers to everyone the world over. This not only gives Alex & Jaime its impressive dramatic weight but is the spark of originality that makes the admittedly standard story so engaging and entertaining. The plot never becomes hard to follow, and which actor is playing Alex or Jaime when a new act begins is well-conveyed by Flaccus’s impressive direction.


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